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We cover the Sub-Saharan markets through our office in Nairobi and our partner offices in Angola, Congo (DRC), Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Sudan, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

address: Blixen Court, Karen Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Kenya: +254 702 382 037
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The way to your own solar energy system only takes a few simple steps outlined below

1. Free solar audit

Once you contact us, we will arrange a free on-site consultation with you. Together with you, our team will gather all necessary information so that we can make you a firm offer for your own solar power system. We will review your energy needs and determine which type of system fits those needs best. We will also have a look at your roof and other suitable areas for the installation of the system so that we can complete a preliminary design.

2. Preliminary design and firm offer

Next our engineers get to work. With the information from the on-site consultation we produce a preliminary design for your solar power system. Based on this preliminary design we will make a firm offer to you. In this firm offer we will specify the type, power, size and location of the solar power system we offer you. We will offer three options, an outright purchase price, a purchase price with zero-down financing from us and a solar lease agreement (SLA).

3. Sign your solar agreement

After you accept our firm offer, we will conclude either a purchase agreement or a SLA with you.

With the SLA you effectively buy solar power from us at a fixed rate that is less than your current cost of electricity from the grid or your generator. Under the purchase agreement you buy the solar system from us and become its owner.

4. Design and permitting work

Once the purchase agreement or SLA has been signed, we complete the detailed design of the solar plant down to every screw and cable. We will help you obtain financing, if needed, and all, if any, necessary permits and licenses for the installation of the plant.

Lastly we will order and ship all components of the solar power system to your site and agree on an installation date with you. 

5. Installation and commissioning

The installation of the solar system is fast. Systems under 200 kW can usually be installed and commissioned by our team in under a week. Smaller systems can often be completed in a single day, while larger industrial and commercial systems take a little longer. During the installation we make sure that we create minimal nuisance for you and do not get in the way of your work.

6. Pay less for your energy

When the solar power system is commissioned it is time for you to flick the switch. From this moment onwards, whenever the sun shines you will be getting cheaper, clean solar energy from us.

You can check on your savings and solar energy consumption online, on your mobile and, of course, on-site. Every month we will send you a detailed report of the solar production and your savings.

7. Monitoring and maintenance

We monitor all of our solar power systems 24/7 to make sure everything is running smoothly. Our solar power systems are extremely robust and reliable and require minimal maintenance. When something needs attention, we dispatch a maintenance and repair team.

If you like, we will also, free of charge, monitor your overall energy consumption for you. That way we can help you spot trends and changes in your energy consumption and identify opportunities for further savings.