Our projects and track record

We have been designing, building and operating solar power plants for over 10 years. Below you can find images and details of some our projets. Our projects and pipeline include the largest roof mounted solar power plants in Gambia, South Sudan and Bulgaria, the first commercial PPA plant in Kenya and the largest lithium ion energy storage system in South Sudan.

You can also view live energy data from a captive and from an off-grid system here.

Captive: Burn Manufacturing | Nairobi, Kenya

Burn Manufacturing were our first client in Afirca. We have grown the solar power plant over time as Burn's operations expanded, reaching 120 kW of roof mounted solar in November 2017.

Off-grid: WLC | Juba, South Sudan

This off-grid system combines 160 kW of roof mounted solar with 160 kWh of lithium ion-battery storage. The project supplies a 57,000 m² logistics and warehouse compound. This is South Sudan's largest purely commercial solar power plant.

Hybrid: Venice Mines | Kadoma, Zimbabwe

This 496 kW solar power plant, supplies approximately 40 % of the electricity consumption of a gold mine in Zimbabwe. The system is a solar-diesel hybrid system, which means the solar power plant can operate in parallel to both the public grid and the back-up generators of the mine, generating savings on both electricity and diesel bills.

Captive: Groove Flowers | Naivasha, Kenya

This 75 kW solar power plant supplies over half of all electricity used by this flower farm on the north shore of Lake Naivasha.

Net-Metering: Tropic Center | Serekunda, Gambia

This 260 kW solar power plant will supply a large part of the electricity consumption of Gambia's first shopping mall and cinema complex, the Tropic Shopping Center. When the center opens in 2018, this will be the largest solar power plant in The Gambia.

Net-Metering: SGL | Accra, Ghana

This 10 kW roof mounted system runs under Ghana's net-metering regulations. It supplies 100 % of the electricity needs of our partners in Ghana, SGL Investments.

Off-grid: Equatoria Teak | Nzara, South Sudan

This off-grid project combines a 120 kW solar power plant with 240 kWh of lithium ion battery storage. It has taken a 50 people camp and workshop 100 % off its generators. At 240 kWh this is South Sudan's largest lithium ion battery storage project.